About Svend Design & Svend

1993 to 2017 and beyond!

Svend-Erik Filby is a graphic designer, web designer, musician, real estate investor, inventor, traveler, photographer and entrepreneur who lives on Lake Winnipesaukee, in Gilford New Hampshire. Svend is probably best known for his clean, easy to navigate SEO DIVI Wordpress Responsive web site designs as well as his distinctive logo designs. Svend is also known for his expertise in search engine optimization, and is one of the few companies in the world to get his clients top listings in less than 14 days. (try it yourself… google “svend”). Svend also worked with some of the world’s top recording artists including Stevie Wonder, Sting, The Cars & Genesis as a recording studio technician specializing in the Synclavier Digital Music System.

As a designer, Svend helped design the logo for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta while freelancing at JDK in Burlington Vermont, one of the worlds leading graphic design firms. Svend went on to do many more projects related to the Olympics over the years. Svend also did some CD cover designs for Steven Tyler and Aerosmith.

As a musician, Svend’s music is influenced by the artist’s he grew up listening too… Alan Parsons, The Beatles, Genesis, Kansas, ELP, Styx, Peter Frampton, Steely Dan, Yes, Boston, The Cars, CSNY, Pink Floyd, Heart, Jeff Beck, Loggins & Messina, Peter Gabriel to name a few. Svend’s music leans toward “New Age” music with an “edge”… from ambient flowing lines to harder edge electronic music, Svend’s music has been critically acclaimed. In 2006, Svend has set a goal for producing 12 CD’s worth of music, or 1 a month. One of Svend’s compositions was commissioned for a web site for the Olympic Torch Relay in 2001.

As an entrepreneur, Svend is always looking to expand into new business ventures. His latest work is creating WordPress Responsive SEO websites. These sites work on all digital devices from small iPhones to large screen computers. They also have SEO built in to get high rankings in the search engines, a necessity in todays competitive market environment!

Whether it’s creating a new internet service like GoogleTop20 (getting web sites to the top of Google within 20 days) or GoogleWho (creating web profiles of people who want to show up on the first or second page of google when their name gets “googled”.)… Svend is always looking for new innovative ways to use his talents for his clients.