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Back in 1993 I got fired from an advertising agency. Why you ask? I asked my boss for more money, and he said, “why don’t you go a get a few clients on the side for some extra money”. I thought, great idea! So I went out and got some really good clients as my boss suggested, and he got jealous I was doing so well, and that I got some of the clients he wanted for his company. Boom, You’re Fired!

The very next day in October of 1993, I started SVEND DESIGN, and as the saying goes ” I never looked back!”

Over the last 22 years I have been very successful in my business. So what is my definition of success?!

Why Start A WordPress School?

I did a lot of research online looking for a good company that teaches not just wordpress, but more importantly, how to run a wordpress design company and make money at it! It is one thing to know how to use a hammer, but it is a whole different world building a house with that hammer. Running a successful wordpress business, is about how to price your work, how to deal with taxes, and how to pay as little as possible, how to get new clients, and yes, how to create great wordpress websites!

What Will You Learn?

You will learn just the things you need to know to run a successful wordpress design company.

  • how to install WordPress the right way
  • what theme to use
  • how to speed the process up using a template install
  • what plugins are essential – I currently have an ALIST of 55 tested awesome plugins!
  • what widgets are essential
  • how to price a project for maximum profit, and make the client feel good

How Do You Get Started?

Fill out this application form, and we can get started from there. (coming soon)

I look forward to helping a select few, become more successful at running a WordPress design company, and how to run it profitably!


Here is a sample of what I will teach you when putting any wordpress site together to make yours better than the rest and for a price that makes the client happy and you a lot of money per hour!

All Svend Design Websites Include The Following:

  • Base technology is wordpress, and content management system (CMS)
  • The wordpress theme is DIVI, the best theme there is!
  • SEO foundation built into website so it does great even before you do SEO
  • Complete analysis software installed so you know everything about your site visitors
  • Fully Mobile, responsive web design, a must today!
  • Fully tried and true tested plugins that expand the capabilities of basic wordpress
  • Sucuri Security installed to protect your website from hackers
  • Duplicator Pro installed for automatic backups so your website is always protected
  • Enhanced Social Media Plugin to get the most out of your social networks!
  • Hyper Cache installed to speed up sites
  • Enhanced forms vs. basic wordpress forms
  • I add your site to Google Webmaster Tools, which helps your SEO Campaigns!
  • I add an XML sitemap to Google, which helps your SEO Campaigns!
  • I add your site to BING Webmaster Tools, which helps your SEO Campaigns!
  • I add an XML sitemap to BING, which helps your SEO Campaigns!
  • and many more enhancements to many too list here… please email to find out more.

I will teach you to get SEO results for your clients like below:

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